Deepening Engagement

What are the qualities you need to live fully and lead authentically in our age?

DeepeningEngagementCoverLeadership consultant and coach Diane M. Millis offers a toolkit for leaders of all kinds and all levels of spiritual involvement—people of faith, people of no faith, spiritual but not religious—for deepening our engagement with our true selves, one another and the communities in which we live and work. Each chapter provides guiding precepts from many wisdom traditions to help us realize what we most value and identify where we find passion and purpose. Intriguing and challenging, this thought-provoking resource is ideal for use in personal reflection as well as for small group discussion, as a way to invite others to tap into their own leadership potential.

Is it possible for our institutions of work to become, in the words of American political analyst Yuval Levin, ‘soul-forming institutions’? If so, what does leadership become? In this book, Dr. Millis clears a path and points the way for those willing to set out on this journey. The personal stories she asks us to ponder and put into practice transform abstract ideas such as ‘deep engagement’ into living realities. Leadership becomes a personal quest and calling.
– from the Foreword by Rob Lehman, Fetzer Institute

Deepening Engagement by Diane Millis is deeply engaging!  It gets to the heart of engagement by seeing it as an inside-out, holistic dynamic of engaging oneself, others and the community to contribute on-purpose and in-service.
– Kevin Cashman, Senior Partner of Korn Ferry and author, Leadership from the Inside Out and The Pause Principle

This beautiful gem of a book sparkles with clarity, gently inviting the reader to open-heartedly engage self, other, and community. A must-read for anyone wanting to listen and/or lead authentically and effectively.
– Margaret Benefiel, author, Soul at Work and The Soul of a Leader

Diane Millis has once again provided a magnificent soul searching resource with her new book Deepening Engagement. Drawing on a deep well of writings Millis has created a dynamic journey for the reader to develop a simple, yet powerful practice to truly engage both the inner and exterior world.  A true treasure for both individuals and small groups that I will make great use of.
– The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior, Bishop, Episcopal Church in Minnesota

“Authentic leadership” begins with reflective leaders, and reflective leaders tune to the “sound of the genuine” in themselves, their colleagues, and their communities. This wise, luminous volume trains the ear to listen and the heart to be still.
– Marty Stortz, Bernhard M. Christensen Professor of Religion and Vocation at Augsburg College