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Re-Creating A Life


Can changing your story change your life?

It’s not what we’ve experienced that defines us, but the stories we tell about our experiences.

More and more people entering middle age or approaching the end of life are trying to make sense of the disparity between what they thought their lives were going to be and what they actually are.In her new book, RE-CREATING A LIFE: Learning How to Tell Our Most Life-Giving Story, author Dr. Diane Millis offers a set of questions and strategies for telling new stories about our lives that more closely reflect who we are and our possibilities

Millis shows us how we can discover a more promising story of our lives through reflection, writing, and conversation with others. She emphasizes that it takes a community to learn how to tell our most life-giving story.  We need at least one or more conversation partners who can help us to realize new and richer aspects of our stories and ourselves.

Our spiritual and societal wellbeing stems from the stories we share. In an age where more and more people are seeking greater belonging, meaning, purpose, and unity, RE-CREATING A LIFE is a needed resource and guide for the culture. 

Michele Gossman, Director at Transformations Spirituality Center in Kalamazoo, MI (USA) observes:  In this gem of a book author Diane Millis includes brief, engaging stories and quotes – and thoughtful, evocative questions and exercises to help us unearth the treasure in our own lives.  Henri Nouwen suggested that we change the world by offering “a space where people are encouraged to disarm themselves, to lay aside their occupations and preoccupations, and to listen with attention and care to the voices speaking in their own center.”  This book helps create such a space. It is a valuable work for spiritual directors and for anyone seeking to live with more peace and compassion.  

For more information, to request a review copy or to schedule an interview with Dr. Diane Millis, contact Steven Crandell at Spiritual Director’s International.

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