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Each of us has a story that we tell ourselves about ourselves.  Becoming aware of our inner narrative is crucial, because the story we tell ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously, has tremendous power over our thoughts, feelings, and actions. In many ways, this story defines our lives.

In Re-Creating a Life: Learning How to Tell Our Most Life-Giving Story, Dr. Diane Millis shows us how to author a new story for our lives.  Through a series of guiding reflection questions and illustrative narratives, she invites readers to:

  • Discover the story they are currently telling themselves;

  • Develop their capacity to re-create their life by exploring more life-giving stories;

  • Discern how to tell the story of what gives their life meaning, purpose, and joy.

“It takes a community to learn how to tell our most life-giving story,” Millis reminds us. This book demonstrates the power of community by offering a toolkit for deep listening to one another’s stories.

Learn how to re-create your life by re-creating the story you tell yourself about it.

Develop your capacity to author a story to which you are drawn and learn how to help others do the same.

To listen to Diane's interview with Matt Whitney at Spiritual Directors International as she tells us about her new book, click here.